That Time I Fell Up the Stairs

One time, in front of more than 30 people,

I fell up the stairs.

Literally, I tripped on a cord and fell up the stairs. You could hear the inhalations of everyone in the auditorium as they probably wondered if I’d incurred a concussion.

And then,

I laughed. And everyone else laughed with me. It was interesting because, as some probably thought it was funny secretly, they waited until I gave permission by laughing at myself to laugh at my display.

What I did next: I got up on stage and sang in front of those 30+ people. I was red in the face, but you know what happened?

Magic happened. Because in that moment, when getting up on stage after falling up the stairs, I found I was able to shake it off and JUST BE MYSELF. It was the most free I’d felt on stage … well, ever.

And that taught me something. Sometimes you have to fall up the stairs to figure out how to be yourself. Sometimes you have to really put yourself out there, make a fool of yourself, be crazy, be wild, make mistakes, fail – in order to find your true self. Because after all, we are all human. We make mistakes. We fail. We succeed. Sometimes we fall up the stairs. And sometimes we choose to sing in front of the very people that laughed at us.

Be brave. Be bold. Be you.

Signing Off,


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