Simple Moments Lead to Marvelous Outcomes

Simple Moments Lead to Marvelous Outcomes

There are simple moments in our life that we are meant to appreciate, but sometimes take for granted. Something as simple as a cardinal flitting by our window on the backdrop of snow, or looking into the eyes of our loved ones.

“It is always the simple that produces the marvelous.”

Amelia Barr

What Does It Take to Produce the Marvelous?

In our efforts to produce the marvelous, we often lose sight of what it takes to actually produce it. What it takes are moments. Simple moments. One second after another.

A person’s life can change in as little as one second. A smile from an acquaintance can set the tone for an entire day. A simply worded phrase (I love you) can change the course of someone’s entire life.

Moments where we dedicate our motivation will eventually turn into the marvelous. Success isn’t built by the year, or the day, but instead, by every second that passes – by the thoughts and actions we choose to take every second.

Smelling the Roses – Not Just an Invitation to Relax

“Smell the roses,” is not just an invitation to relax – it’s also an invitation to recognize that these moments lead to big and marvelous things; memories that will last for a lifetime; failures that will teach us lessons; successes that will shape the course of our lives.

What if we don’t recognize these moments? Then they flit by us; we miss the cardinal; our loved ones; we miss being able to turn our thoughts around; and so likewise, we miss opportunities to learn from failure and practice success.

What Does it Really Mean to Slow Down?

Slowing down may not necessarily be the practice of taking our time; it might simply be slowing down our attention to what is around us; really taking in what is happening; connecting fully with our senses, thoughts, and feelings, as uncomfortable as that may be at times.

It’s true, we may not always enjoy these moments; there may be times where we feel uncomfortable, or upset, by what happens. But we will have plenty that we do enjoy, both inspiring and perhaps challenging, that will lead to the marvelous, regardless of the direction that it might take us.

What Will Your Marvelous Be?

What do we want our marvelous to be? In order to find out, we must appreciate and learn to live in harmony with simple moments. Rushing around, ignoring them, ignoring our thoughts and feelings, will just lead to us cycling from one project to another with no end in sight. Without living in the moment, we wish for the next best thing every second instead of appreciating the moments that we do have and actively turning them into the marvelous.

So, practice fully immersing yourself in your moments today. Those simple moments can change your entire life, and help you produce your own marvelous memories and outcomes.

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