My Coaching Philosophy

I wanted to touch on what my coaching philosophy looks like. I put my client in the driver’s seat: they decide where to go, what to look at, and what to work on.

So many people wonder what it’s like to work with a life or a wellness coach, and how it’s different from working with a therapist. A therapist will help guide you on issues that you may feel stuck on such as trauma, grief, assault, or general mental health and offer tools to cope and transcend those issues. A Coach will guide you (note: not advise, but guide) on general issues you may come across in your life, such as relationship problems, career dissatisfaction, family dynamics, goal setting, perspective reframing, specialized issues, and much more.

Some people worry about seeing a life coach. Too many people have to deal with judgement in their lives, from friends to family members to complete strangers – that is not something you will find with me, or hopefully with any life coach. I provide a non-judgmental space where failures are seen as opportunities and successes are cause for celebration. In fact, I’m against giving advice to my clients – I am not a consultant, but a coach, and that means empowering you to choose your own life path and find the solutions that work for you in your life. I’m there to help you shift your perspective, and perhaps provide that little form of accountability that may help keep your goals at the forefront of your mind.

I am open spiritually and to many different perspectives – you will find no judgement from me based on your religion, spiritual belief, or lack thereof. I am also a supporter of the LGBTQ+ community, and I do not discriminate based off of race, religion, sexual orientation, or disability status.

So, what do I personally get out of coaching others?

I get fulfillment. I live for the moments when someone has an ‘a-ha!’ moment about their own perspectives and how those perspectives are affecting their life. I live for the phrase, “I never realized that about myself before…” or “I didn’t see this as a possible solution, but I can see now that it is a possible solution.” Making the impossible seem possible; failure turning into success; shifted and uplifted perspectives. I live and breathe for those moments.

Hopefully you appreciate those moments as much as I do, and how much of a difference it can make in our lives.

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