Loving Ourselves Doesn’t Have to be Hard

Loving Ourselves Doesn't Have to be Hard

Many of us have experienced times in our lives when we just don’t love ourselves like we should. This lack of loving ourselves leads to increased dissatisfaction with our lives and our place in the world. What makes it easy or difficult boils down to two things: habits and perspective.

Most blog posts would outline a list of ways to love yourself and practice self-care such as: meditation, practicing mantras, taking care of our physical and mental needs, and taking proper breaks, and many more. However, many of us find these practices hard to complete on a consistent basis.

Loving Yourself: The Basic Formula

Why is loving ourselves sometimes so difficult? What is the basic formula for loving ourselves and making it easy?

Loving ourselves requires two things in every area of our lives: healthy habits and healthy perspectives.

After all, what is a meditation practice if you have a healthy perspective but not the habit to meditate? What is taking proper breaks if you have healthy habits but not proper perspective, which instead leads to procrastination and derails our goals?

Loving ourselves is similar to how a sentence is formed: You need a noun and a verb. As such, you need healthy habits and a healthy perspective. They are two sides of the same coin.

So, this begs the question: how can we have a balanced mix of healthy habits and healthy perspectives so we can make loving ourselves easy instead of hard?

What do healthy habits require?

Healthy habits require:

  • Time
  • Energy
  • Action

We could think of healthy habits as the ‘verb,’ or what you are doing in order to maintain a cycle of energy, maintain a cycle of time, and follow through with action. Time is the amount of time we have every day – it is limited, so we have to manage it properly to maintain balance. Energy is how much physical and mental energy we have to follow through on a commitment, and action is taking the steps necessary in order to complete a task or goal.

What do healthy perspectives require?

Healthy perspectives require:

  • Choice
  • Insight
  • Support

We could think of healthy perspectives as the ‘noun’ that comes first in a sentence. Choice requires us to choose our attitude, how we react to things outside of our control, and what we choose to do at any given moment, such as what we choose to eat or when we choose to exercise (which leads into our habits). Insight is that little light we shine into ourselves – are we in touch with ourselves enough to recognize unhealthy habits, patterns, and ways of thinking? Support is that which is fulfilled through social interaction with family, friends, professionals, and necessary medication.

To make loving ourselves easy every day, it benefits us to answer and take action on these six questions:

  • How will I make healthy choices today?
  • How will I gain Insight today?
  • How will I seek support today?
  • How will I balance my time today?
  • How will I balance my energy today?
  • How will I take action today?

Loving ourselves doesn’t have to be hard, but it can take some work – and that’s okay. We are all a work in progress, and loving ourselves on a daily basis is no different from anything else we work on at any given time.

So, we should just give it a try, and pull out the old journal to set our intentions for the day with those six questions. Perhaps it will make loving ourselves just a little bit easier.

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